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Archive for April, 2013

making some progress with cycles

It has been a harsh time to understand cycles and some texture treatments!

but here are some wips!

drawing realistic woman in gimp


Leave feedback ! 😉

a little preview of some my traditional drawing work!


Wip On the wacom tablet


My latest Original model is now for sale !

I recently uploaded my original designed futuristic airplane, with all textures and renders in!

Check it out



Its almost ready for takeoff!!!

I am almost finishing up my airplane design on blender.

Altough i had kind of a hard time with the textures and the compositing, my latest design is almost at the end!

Now i have to think about something to produce with it!…



Check out my last animation project!

I have made a simple conjunction of my 2 projects, the f22 and the snowy mountainsm and here is the result.

Its a shame it was not possiby to add the motion blur on the f22’s but my pc was at the limit,, anyway the result was quite good!!

thanks for watching!!

Sketching some design while my animation renders :)

Really looking forward to make this one !!!!!

This was based on the sukhoi 47 russian fighter jet.