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About me!

My name is Gabriel Solon, and i make a hobby out of 3d modeling and animations, and i live in Rio Grande Do Sul/Brazil for now.

My first contact with the art world was trough traditional drawing, then on 3d modeling and then on music… yes, music, as weird as that sounds!

So i have proficiency in blender 3d, photoshop, and gimp, and i make some of my income by selling models on stock market and freelance jobs in general.

My whole experience was unorthodox and self-taught and a lot of trial and error, but it was definetly worth it!

and here it is some of my work in HD!


I have a youtube channel to show some of my work ,which includes some tutorials, and general showcase as well.


My life saviour tablet!

My life saviour tablet!

The hot blender freelancer !! :D 100_1512

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